I started camera trapping because I was curious what was wandering through my backyard on a nightly basis.  I saw evidence of somebody moving through the backyard, but was never completely sure who it was.  With a basic knowledge of electronics and programming, I developed CritterCam 1.0, an Arduino-based processor with a PIR sensor to capture whatever moved in front of the sensor. 

After several real-time failures and malfunctioning sensors resulting in lighting up the backyard  at 3:00 a.m, causing me to run out in my underwear  to shut the system off, I invested in a commercially available products that had worked through some of the issues that I did not have the time or skill set fix myself.  The results are what you see in the Remote Camera gallery on this site.

A lot of the ideas that I incorporate into my remote and camera trapping photography are from the blog  and user forums at http://wildlifecameratrap.com

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